288 units Social Housing  
  Tres Cantos - Madrid - 2012  
  Ignacio Lliso / Julián Manzano-Monís  
  Client: FCC Construcción, S.A.  
  Situación: Location ..... google maps  
  Avenida de Castilla y León, 11  
  Tres Cantos - Madrid  
  Colaboradores: Assistants  
  Natasha Koukoula  
  Ángel Manuel Huélamo  
  Iñaki Manchado  
  Aparejador: Surveyor  
  Ricardo del Val Palomares  
  Raúl Montero  
  Constructora: Construction Company  
  FCC Construcción, S.A.  
  Técnico FCC: FCC Technician  
  Carlos Garcia Ocejo  
  Paloma Estellés  
  José Luis Perez Monterroso  
  Estructura: Structure Engineering  
  ARQUING, S.L. - Luis Casas  
  Instalaciones: Service Engineering  
  HERRERO INGENIEROS, S.L. - Jose Luis Herrero  
  Fotografía: Photography  
  © copyright by Javier Azurmendi  
  Published in conarquitectura nº 46 - April 2013  
  The main difficulty of this project, located in the New Tres Cantos, was to adapt the four eight plants housing blocks to a dramatic 14 meters vertical topography variation of the plot.  
  We propose a disabled walking tour, combining ramps and stairs, linked by landscaped garden areas and open residential spaces, a pedestrian street that runs through the plot solving the uneven access to extreme streets, between them and between blocks. Furthermore firefighters have access to these spaces too.  
  Access to each block is made through an arcade in basement walk-crossed by this gardened accessible route, allowing access to portals and stairwells, homes, garages, storage, etc.  
  The order and constructive rationality suggests a double order façade that visually reduces the scale of the blocks. This is achieved using a mass clear brick and red-sand colored vertical stripes between two consecutive floors reddish. Basement plants are finished in concrete.  
  The community garden is partly paved or landscaped with vegetated slopes of herbal aromatics and two colors “jabre” gravels for playing areas.  
  Staircases and elevators distributed to each plant and, through corridors opened to natural light and visual north reference to the mountains of Madrid, to the homes located both sides of it.  
  A single type of public housing (renting for young people) with variants for disabled; living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms on facades and toilets ventilated threw shafts. A strictly modular and flexible proposal for an easy and economic maintenance.