105 units Social Housing  
  Montecarmelo - Madrid - 2008  
  Ignacio Lliso / Julián Manzano-Monís  
  Client: Com. Prop. "La Puerta Verde"  
  Situación: Location ..... google maps  
  Calle Monasterio de Caaveiro, 14  
  Montecarmelo - Madrid  
  Colaboradores: Assistants  
  Ángel Manuel Huélamo  
  Iñaki Manchado  
  Aparejador: Surveyor  
  Ricardo del Val Palomares  
  Raúl Montero  
  Arquitecto C.P.: C.P.Architect  
  Andrés Lendinez  
  Técnico FCC: FCC Technician  
  Cruz Céspedes  
  Constructora: Construction Company  
  FCC Construcción, S.A.  
  Estructura: Structure Engineering  
  IDEEE - Eduardo Díez  
  Instalaciones: Service Engineering  
  IEMA - José Luis Pavía / José Luis Herrero  
  Fotografía: Photography  
  © copyright by Javier Azurmendi  
  Published in conarquitectura nº 33 - January 2010  
  Fuencarral´s Cementery closeness conditions N-W side of the building, where apartments open views to the backyard garden, designing studios and “duplex” typologies accessible from exterior galleries, while penthouse attics enjoy astonishing views over Monte del Pardo and the Madrid´s “sierra”. The rest of the flats open main views both to the surrounding streets and garden.  
  Construction order and rationality suggests stepped brick facades, due to the steepness of street, opening huge windows, protected from sun with slats shades, in studios and “duplex”, and standard windows opened in solid brick walls for the main block image, explaining the complexity and typological diversity of the building. The set-back of attics façade changes materiality, unifies building volume from an urban scale view.  
  Randomized ornamental concret designed blocks emerging from brick facades, admired tribute to Amsterdam´s School architectural style.  
  Stair-lifts units shown as isolated wooden towers in the garden back-yard o braking block corners, introducing natural light and ventilation inside. Certain openings in the massive brick facade allow suggested views of the garden from the street.  
  We remember Oscar Tusquet´s … “Good architecture is only possible with a capable architect and an intelligent client”.