248 units Social Housin  
  Pozuelo de Alarcón - Madrid - 2008  
  Ignacio Lliso / Julián Manzano-Monís  
  in collaboration with Ramón Andrada  
  Competition 2006 - First Prize  
  Client: Sumpasa  
  Soc. Urb. Municipal de Pozuelo de Alarcón  
  Situación: Location ..... google maps  
  Avenida de España, 4 y 6  
  Pozuelo de Alarcón - Madrid  
  Colaboradores: Assistants  
  Alejandro Garoz  
  Ángel Manuel Huélamo  
  Iñaki Manchado  
  Javier Morante  
  María Ramos  
  Aparejador: Surveyor  
  Ricardo del Val Palomares  
  Fernando González  
  Técnico ORTIZ : ORTIZ Technician  
  Francisco Carmena  
  Constructora: Construction Company  
  ORTIZ Construcciones  
  Estructura: Structure Engineering  
  IDEEE - Jorge Conde  
  Instalaciones: Service Engineering  
  Maproing - Mario Abajo  
  Fotografía: Photography  
  © copyright by Javier Azurmendi  
  Selected project to travelling exhibition:  
  Published in MADRID 100% ARQUITECTURA  
  Published in conarquitectura nº 32 - October 2009  
  A viewpoint with great environmental value. A new wall as a major infrastructure work and architectural value..  
  The buildings are arranged according to a radial pattern, supported in the visual field of an observer located on the viewpoint. This arrangement enhances the planning target, reducing building mass views and converting the gardened roofs in the new landscape.  
  Garden in open spaces between buildings join pedestrian routes that allow access to the ground floor of all the blocks are visually permeable to the garden city that surrounds it.  
  We chose an elementary wood and brick prismatic buildings, geometric rigor and simplicity in design, adjusting blocks on natural topography of the lot, to get value as a whole. Inside, the buildings are arranged along a longitudinal corridor accessing apartments side by side. This corridor has open ends, enhancing the feeling of the building as a viewpoint too. You always have the reference of the horizon and the brick-wall as light penetrates inside. Inside the dwellings, horizontal continuous windows open for light and views, pushing the wooden skin like blinking eyelids.