17 units Housing  
  "Doctor Arce 12"  
  Madrid - 1998  
  Ignacio Lliso / Julián Manzano-Monís  
  + José María Mateu + Juan José Carral  
  Published in Nueva Arquitectura nº 8  
  Client: Promotora Doctor Arce 12, S.L.  
  Situación: Location ..... google maps  
  Calle del Doctor Arce, 12 - Madrid  
  Colaboradores: Assistants  
  José María Casanova  
  Javier Gómez Chozas  
  Aparejador: Surveyor  
  Roberto Raño + Reyes Bermejo  
  Técnico FCC : FCC Technician  
  Fernando Bernaldo de Quirós  
  Constructora: Construction Company  
  FCC Construcción, S.A.  
  Estructura: Structure Engineering  
  HCA - Juan Antonio Domínguez  
  Instalaciones: Service Engineering  
  Enrique Navarro  
  Fotografía: Photography  
  © copyright by Javier Azurmendi  
  Integrate the Ends.  
  Fusing in contrast, hand-made traditional brick as massive facade work dealing with modern architecture functional elements, rolling-projecting aluminium blinds, precast concrete, translucent “paves” walls, wood frames sun protectors, etc., old Madrid´s construction tradition with rationalist architecture of “El Viso” neighbourhood where building is placed.  
  To propose a respectful relationship with the urban patter and the street, facades extends in a brick continuous wall as a physical membrane between public and private spaces.  
  Building´s position, in the other side, is consistent with functional and orientation requirements. We needed free space for garden and pool in the front façade and a passage in the back to solve accesses from two different streets.  
  Two blocks articulated an L-shape building, four flats per floor, all regarding best sunlight, views and ventilation. Four floors plus attic served by two stair shafts, connecting underground car-parks and the free ground-floor lobby, where garden and back interior-street flows as continuous open space.  
  Hand-made brick has being used as the main skin material of a complex façade wall, where specially designed precast concrete pieces solve joineries, corners, slab edges, rain guards, gallery protections, jambs o slats, propose an expressionist and powerful image consistent with its urban presence.