Hacienda Zorita  
  Wine - Hotel & Spa  
  Valverdón - Salamanca - 2003-2013  
  Ignacio Lliso / Julián Manzano-Monís  
  Client: Haciendas de España  
  Wine Estates & Hotels, S.A.U. .. web  
  Situación: Location ..... google maps  
  Carretera de Salamanca a Ledesma  
  Valverdón - Salamanca  
  Colaboradores: Assistants  
  Ángel Manuel Huélamo  
  Iñaki Manchado  
  Constructora: Construction Company  
  VALSAN Construcciones y Contratas, S.L.  
  Estructura: Structure Engineering  
  Antonio Martín Escudero  
  Instalaciones: Service Engineering  
  FEYDO, S.L.  
  Interiorismo: Interior Design  
  Estudio IADE  
  Paisajismo: Landscape Design  
  Fernando Valero  
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  Zorita of Valverdón Historic Complex is located few kilometers away from Salamanca, beside the River Tormes in a place where a waterfall and a channel separates from it to settle a 17th. century Old Mill and a late 19th. industrial flour-mill building.  
  Born in 15th. as a Foundation of the Order of the Dominican Fathers, first convent and farmstead, having a special relationship with the overseas colonies due to the frequent visits of Christopher Columbus. The three magnificent redwoods that settled close to the road as it passes through the place were brought in one of his discovering trips.  
  The project addresses the complete rehabilitation of all existing buildings to high standards wine-hotel, a pioneer complex in wine-tourism including own vineyard and cellars.  
  A 40 room hotel occupy the main building and auxiliary housing. Located around the former Dominican cloister in the backyard new uses for catering and events. The old store is rehabilitated for raising high quality wine cellars, shop and visitors center. The chapel is now cellar-museum, and finally, the old mill is transformed as in a wine therapy spa. The new complex landscaping integrates the residential private spaces of the hotel and agricultural vineyard, recovering its historical relationship with the river and enhancing the grandeur of the built.