Fractal Bridge  
  Strait of Hormuz - 2014  
  Ignacio Lliso / Julián Manzano-Monís  
  Competition 2014  
  Selected Project  
  Cliente: Gulf Architecture Biennial ...web  
  Situación: Location ..... google maps  
  Strait of Hormuz - Persian Gulf  
  Colaboradores: Assistants  
  Ángel Manuel Huélamo  
  n a post-petroleum future, sea transport evolution will aim changing old ships into self-motion moving platforms.  
  Floating platforms built from recycled structures recovered from out of use petrol transport vessels.  
  Artificial ground areas self powered by sea, sun and wind to provide energy and desalted water supplies.  
  Floating oasis, vast areas to harvest green hydroponic agricultural products, able to associate themselves in flexible mega structures to extend Lands over Seas, connecting Nations and Continents.  
  The Hormuz Bridge will be a free trading commercial hub, a floating integrated city (residential, office and commercial buildings, resorts,... sea and landscape), a check-point for Sea-Earth communications,...  
  A fractal "Transformer", an island and a temporary bridge, articulating dynamic connections between both sides of the Gulf.  
  Fusion of classic Arab design tiles tradition and modern geometric pentangle patterns from Penrose studies,... shaped as a fractal mosaic drawn over the sea to be watched from a satellite scale.  
  A green path over the sea.