Parador de Ibiza  
  Historic and Museum Hotel  
  Ibiza - Spain - 2016  
  Ignacio Lliso / Julián Manzano-Monís  
  in collaboration with Ramón Andrada  
  Open Competition 2016 - First Prize  
  Cliente: Turespaña .. web  
  Situación: Location ..... google maps  
  Dalt Vila - Ibiza - España  
  Colaboradores: Assistants  
  Ángel Manuel Huélamo  
  Paula Ramírez  
  Infografía: Infographic design  
  Alberto López - HPAL  
  Published in: IBIZA HEUTE - May 2016  
  Ibiza means Biodiversity and Culture. Declared by UNESCO “World Heritage” in 1999, Ibiza preserves considerable traces of its long history. The Dalt Vila emerges today not only as an ancient human settlement with still very significant archaeological remains, but also as an extraordinary example of Renaissance military architecture, having become the iconic image of Ibiza.  
  Competition envisages three distinct workstreams: a new parking outside the battlements and its accesses, the “Casa del Gobernador” courtyard and a harmonic and compatible blend of museum and hotel uses.  
  We believe that, in addition to these three exciting workstreams, an equally interesting fourth solution needs to be added: provide public and civic purpose to the whole project, yielding greater benefits for city and its citizens than an exclusive hotel use. In this sense, we propose to add a small public city-park and parking, located at the battlement base too, connected to “Paseo de Ronda”, Dalt Vila and the Archeological Interpretation Hall through the new infrastructure (tunnel and elevators) designed for the hotel.  
  Given that there is both a need to solve visitors and handling uses, for a correct function of the hotel, and embedding a parking under the steep terrain, we design a restrained tunnel and set of elevators to connect an astonishing sea-views parking hall-reception with the hotel, to meet both CIOTUPHA´s historical preservation concerns and TURESPAÑA´s programmatic requirements.  
  Construction processes always carry inexorably a prior destructive process. Either we destroy nature to obtain the raw materials for new building, or we destroy previously (earthworks) altering the physical location where building will stand. Where we are asked to preserve the natural slope where the hidden building must be built, we propose a nature-friendly solution that has been used repeatedly throughout local history, stonewall agro-garden terraces. It is the most natural solution (as well as the least technically complex and most economically efficient), showing clear human intervention y close harmony with nature. We believe this to be an honest, true beautiful solution.  
  The proposed terrace stonewalls work as the parking’s breathable facade. Both local vegetation and stone pieces recycled from excavation works will be used. These terraces will melt naturally in the landscape, unaltering Dált Vila´s and the battlements environment. Any close or distant vision (from street, sea or air) will allow to see a deferential and harmonic impact of human intervention.